Win or Lose

The statements herein have been verified through newsprint, courthouse records, and legal documents. This continuing site will give as much information out for public knowledge as has been accumulated over a fifteen year period.

An old charter called “Win or Lose” was devised by Huey Pierce Long Jr., Senator from Louisiana. He met with allies in New Orleans on November 20, 1934 and put together one of the smoothest, slyest legal documents ever contrived – at an alarmingly high level of government. This charter was formed to legally steal one half of the oil and gas revenues from the State of Louisiana through the Mineral Board, believe it or not!

This old charter has survived to the present day through a barrage of name changes, to keep it hidden from legal attacks. It’s never been sued by the government or private individuals. It’s a legal two-headed monster classified as a free enterprising private charter. Its master stroke – the assigned lessor is none other than the Governor of Louisiana. The charter runs for ninety nine years, from its inception to 2033. The shareholders have passed their considerable wealth on to blood relatives and others, 193 total by 1995. There could be more now, don’t know.

The Long family was “pea patch poor” in the 1930’s (conveyed to me by a Long family member, corroborated by Huey Pierce Long Sr., who lived out his life on a small one-man farm near Winnfield, LA). The ascendance of this family’s wealth occurred in the 1940’s, and it happened very quickly. How did this occur? Could it be the old “Win or Lose” charter, whose existence is denied by the governing body of Louisiana? Even the Secretary of State denies its existence!

Find out for yourself:


Browse through the corporation database. Search for “Win or Lose” or the many aliases listed. Follow the organizers names, especially David Melman of Lafayette. His name always shows up on all the new charters. The old “Win or Lose” is still alive and well in 2004 and will continue until someone makes the changes necessary to assure the State of Louisiana the rightful 25% of oil and gas revenues from oil company operations.

The “Win or Lose” gang receives half of the 25%, the State of Louisiana gets the other… No wonder the fourth richest state in the continental fourty eight ranks so low in revenues, always stressing taxes.

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